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10 Best Dog Breeds for First-Time Dog Owners

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10 Best Dog Breeds for First-Time Dog Owners
10 Best Dog Breeds for First-Time Dog Owners

The best Dog Breeds are obviously subjective. But some breeds have tendencies that may be easier for first-time dog owners, more so than others. When it comes to adopting this is something to consider. It’s difficult to decide among all of the breeds and mixes of breeds out there but here is a good list to start if you’re considering a new family member. Remember this is our personal list, so if you don’t see your favorite here don’t worry, they’re still probably many people’s favorite too. The following breeds are known for their easygoing personalities and, often, trainability. In addition to a reputable breeder, you can also adopt from breed-specific rescue groups or find wonderful mixes at shelters.

  1. Golden Retriever

Okay, I’m obviously extremely biased with this one as I’ve owned two Goldens before. These guys are by far one of the most popular dog breeds in Canada, and it’s no secret why! They’re usually very affectionate, good with children, and eager to please. They are often among the more intelligent breeds, and this helps make them easy to train and even easier to love. They tend to also have very laid-back and easy-going personalities, with low to medium energy levels to match, which is great for first-time dog owners. Highly recommended

  1. Papillon

Papillons are one of the smaller ones on our list. These little ones are usually very relaxed when it comes to smaller dogs. The reason they are so high on this list is they are often leaders in obedience and trainability in many ways. They have lovely smooth coats, which don’t tend to shed too much and need relatively minimal care. They are known for being excellent socially and great with people young and old

  1. English Bulldog

Okay, these guys are tough-looking, but everyone I’ve ever met had a heart of pure sunshine. They are known for their incredible loyalty, sweet demeanor, and slobbery kisses. They tend to have lower energy levels than many other dogs so they may be ideal for someone who is getting their first puppy. They will be loyal to their special person and friendly with the entire family

  1. Poodle

Poodles are one other fantastic choice for first-time dog owners. They are highly intelligent and very eager to please. They tend to learn new tricks extremely quickly and love to show off to their owners. They are known for being hypoallergenic and not shedding, so for those with allergies, this is a perfect choice for your family

  1. Labrador Retriever

Labradors are one other fantastic breed known for their strong loyalty and friendliness. They do tend to have higher energy for those people with active lifestyles, but their sweet nature lands them in our top 10 spots. They are one of the other most popular breeds in Canada and can come in many varieties of color, like the Chocolate, black, or yellow Labs, which are often confused for Golden Retrievers

  1. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds were originally used for hunting and as such, they’re highly loyal to their owners. They’re easy to take care of and get along very well with other pets and children alike. They have low to medium energy so they won’t mind sleeping around the house. Bassets are well-mannered and relaxed but they do need regular exercise in order to avoid obesity. They make a great companion overall

  1. Bichon Frise

Bichons are well known for their intelligence, especially among the smaller breeds. They are very hypoallergenic as well and typically very relaxed. Bichons can be very attached to their owners and love being a lap dogs. They can be known for their attitudes but this just gives them lots of personality

  1. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus makes a great companion for smaller dogs. They are well known for their loyalty and good composure towards their family members. They were originally bred to be a friendly companion to Chinese royalty and as such they’re not known to be very aggressive. This is mainly because they don’t have the instincts for hunting prey. Their tiny size and friendly demeanor with their family make them good for almost any living situation.

  1. Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkies are well known for their sweet faces with long facial fur. They have been well-bred as fashionable small dogs and are very sweet to their close family members overall. It is important to keep them well groomed and maintained so their fur doesn’t get dirty, but they have very modest energy levels overall. They make fantastic additions to most families

  1. German Shephard

No list would be finished without the German Shepherd. These sweet pups are known to be the most loyal and well-trained dogs that can be found. They have been used for a long time to be police dogs, military dogs, and much more. Their loyalty with their owner is incredibly strong, and their bond will last a lifetime

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