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Top 10 Must Have Apps For Dog Owners

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With so many mobile apps out there today for any number of niches, there’s no surprise that a plethora of apps exist for dogs! Even though dog apps are still a relatively small niche, there are a number of apps out there that can help dog owners with their dogs! To help dog owners with this, we’ve compiled a list of the best dog apps that every dog owner needs to download from social media, to training, and much more!

1. Pawmates: The Pet Social Media

Shameless plug here, but Pawmates is a great option for dog owners looking to meet other dog owners near them! You can post on their news feed, chat with other people, and arrange playdates. You can also use the handy pet directory map to find the best vets, groomers, and much more! Pawmates has about 70,000 downloads in dozens of countries, with most of their users focused in Canada and the United States.

Pawmates’ outspoken founder has also been featured on dozens of notable news and media channels, both local and international, including CTV, Newsweek, Global News, Narcity, BlogTO, and many more. He has also spoken at multiple international conferences about the pet industry’s evolving nature, as well as tech in general. With new updates coming multiple times per month, Pawmates is staying on top of the pet industry for a long time!

2. Rover: Dog Sitters On Call

Rover has been at the top of the pet industry since 2011. Founded in Seattle by Greg Gottesman who had trouble finding sitters for his dog. Since then, they’ve expanding to pet sitting, boarding, and dog walking, and grown to more than 250 employees! Their trusted sitting services have been renowned worldwide, and they have a 90%+ satisfaction rating! If you’re looking for a great app to help you with caring for your dog, look no further than Rover, but of course be careful when trusting another person with your precious pup

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